Review procedure

Members of the editorial board assume short and constructive evaluation of research articles.

  • Members of the editorial board read all project proposals within 8 days of their submission and decide whether to accept them for meta-review
  • Once a meta-reviewer has been assigned, this person reads the article to assess whether it should be submitted to the reviewers. This step exists to avoid undertaking in-depth assessment for a submission that would require excessive editing to be publishable. For acceptance by the meta-reviewer:
    • The topic must be relevant to the field of human–computer interaction.
    • The message of the submission must be clear, even for a non-specialist.
    • The paper must be reasonably well written (whether in French or English).
    • The layout of the paper must meet the criteria required for a research article; no judgement is passed on the validity of the methods used or scientific findings.
  • The authors are immediately informed on the decision concerning assessment.
  • If the assessment procedure is launched, the meta-reviewer will appoint reviewers. The reviewers must provide their evaluation within a maximum of two months.