Instructions to authors


From December 6th, 2021, JIPS edition is suspended.

In order to submit an article to JIPS, the author must follow the following steps:


  • First authors must upload their manuscript as a preprint on an open access repository (arXiv, HAL, or CWI).
  • Then, if they have no account on the Episciences platform, they must create one (“create an account” tab in the top right corner of the screen).
  • First name, surname, a valid email address, a login and a password are required.
  • Authors log in to the platform, go to the “my submissions” section and click the “submit a paper” tab.
  • When submitting, they will be asked to specify the identifier of the paper such as provided by the repository (hal-000000 for HAL, arXiv:0000.0000 for arXiv). They will also have to indicate the repository and the version of the paper.
  • Metadata are automatically retrieved by the system, the article can be submitted to the journal.

In case of a request for modifications

When authors have been notified that their paper needs to be modified, they can work on it and then submit the new version to the journal.

From that point, there are two options:

The first option is to update their entry on the open access repository. The workflow is the following one:

  • Update the entry on the chosen repository by uploading the amended version.
  • Connect to the Episciences platform, click “answer this request” on the paper’s page and select “upload a new version”.
  • Indicate the paper’s identifier, the repository (both haven’t changed and are displayed by default) and the new version.
  • The amended paper is sent to the editorial team for a additional peer-reviewing round.

The second option is to submit a temporary version of the amended paper (without any upload on the repository):

  • Connect to the Episciences platform, click “answer this request” on the paper’s page and select “send a temporary version”. A pop-up window opens and you can upload the file directly from your hard disk and add a message.
  • This new version of the paper won’t be available on the repository, it is only saved on the Episciences platform.
  • Please note that when the paper is validated by the editorial committee, you will have to upload the final version on the repository so that it can officially be accepted (and stamped accordingly on the repository).