Volume 1

Année 2010

1. Démarche centrée utilisateur pour la conception de SIAD basés sur un processus d'ECD, application dans le domaine de la santé

Ltifi, Hela ; Ben Ayed, Mounir ; Kolski, Christophe ; Alimi, A.M..
This article concerns the design of Decision Support Systems (DSS) based on a Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD) process. This process aims at generating a set of software modules; it is iterative and interactive For this reason, it is essential to us to take Human-Computer Interaction principles […]

2. Premiers retours d'expérience sur l'utilisabilité et les usages de systèmes interactifs plastiques

Camara, Fatoumata ; Calvary, Gaëlle ; Demumieux, Rachel ; Ganneau, Vincent.
The Plasticity property has been introduced in 1999 in France to cope with the new variability of the context of use in ambient intelligence. A User Interface (UI) is said to be plastic if it is able to adapt to its context of use while preserving human-centered properties. Ten years later, […]

3. Vérification et validation formelles de systèmes interactifs fondées sur la preuve : application aux systèmes Multi-Modaux

Aït-Ameur, Yamine ; Aït-Sadoune, Idir ; Baron, Mickael ; Mota, Jean-Marc.
This paper focuses on the formal validation and verification of multi-modal human computer interfaces. It describes part of the obtained results of the French RNRT VERBATIM project whose purpose is the Multimodal Interfaces BIformal Verification and Test Automation. This project focuses on the […]

4. Using K-MADe for learning task modeling: interests and difficulties

Caffiau, Sybille ; Scapin, Dominique L. ; Sanou, Loé ; Guittet, Laurent.
Teaching user-centred software design covers many aspects. One of the most important ones is task modeling. Since task modeling contributes largely to the ergonomic quality and acceptance of the resulting software, it is essential for task modeling concepts to be well understood by future software […]

5. Evaluation des systèmes mobiles et ubiquitaires: proposition de méthodologie et retours d'expérience

Jambon, Francis ; Mandran, Nadine ; Meillon, Brigitte ; Perrot, Christian.
The evaluation of mobile and/or ubiquitous interactive systems via user testing seems a priori more relevant in the field than in a usability laboratory. However, the results of the literature are contradictory. In this article, we aim at explaining the reasons why, and we propose a methodology that […]